Go Qwyk

Tour Bus Industry

The tour bus industry has been plagued by a number of problems from the beginning of this industry. Tour buses take a group of guests to a point of interest and either guide the group or more frequently, allow the guests a fixed amount of time to visit the point of interest. Every tour group, at every stop has guests that are late in returning to the coach. Almost always the reason for this falls into one of two categories. The guests loses track of time, or more frequently they get lost. These problems did not have a solution until mobile technology became a reality and the Go Qwyk Tour App. The guests who have returned on time, must sit and wait for the stragglers. Our studies have shown that the guests blame this on the tour company for this inconvenience.
The other problems that occur are a guest has an emergency and is unable to return to the coach or desires to return to the coach early. The emergency can be a medical emergency i.e. an injury or a critical event. After an extended wait, the tour leaves without the guest. This creates a serious potential liability problems for the tour company. The tour company has a responsibility for the safety of their guests. The other issue is the guest who desires to return to the coach early. Typically the coach is NOT where it dropped off the guests. This is extremely frustrating to the guest.


Solution: Go Qwyk Tour Bus App

The Go Qwyk Tour App is used to alarm the guest that it is time to return to the coach. When the guest acknowledges the alarm, a map appears showing exactly how to walk back to the coach. The coaches typically will NOT be exactly where it was when the guests were dropped off. The Go Qwyk App gets them to the correct coach. The guest can at any time open the Go Qwyk App and identify a need for help or display a map to allow a guest to return to the coach early.